Green Hydrogen Systems

Green Hydrogen Systems is a leading provider of standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen solely based on renewable energy. With its wide range of possible applications, green hydrogen plays a key role in the ongoing fundamental shift in our energy systems towards a net-zero emission society in 2050. As a result, the demand for green hydrogen is surging, requiring a significant scale-up of electrolysis capacity.

Founded in 2007 and building on more than 10 years of technology development, we today have a commercially proven and cost competitive electrolysis technology, endorsed by leading wind energy companies.Green Hydrogen Systems combines ultra-efficient, standardised and modular electrolysis technology with an on-site production approach to bring cost competitive green hydrogen to producers of hydrogen fueling stations, those requiring hydrogen in power-to-X installations, industrial facilities and more. Our technology is already in use in several places in Europe, with the rapidly emerging OEM segment as a particular focus of future growth.

In late 2020, we inaugurated a new combined manufacturing, R&D and office facility in Kolding, Denmark.This modern production and testing facility is armed with equipment and technology to optimise manufacturing and provide the highest levels of quality and safety. The 4,500 m2 facility with a production capacity of 75 MW per year completes the first phase of our expansion plan. At Green Hydrogen Systems, we are committed to play a key role in the important shift of our energy landscape and thereby to a green and sustainable future.

vision green

Our vision

Green Hydrogen Systems will pioneer the field of green hydrogen to drive a sustainable global energy transition

mission green

Our mission

Advance and deploy our modular, standardised and versatile best-in-class electrolyser technology to drive and develop the market and meet the demand from customers and other stakeholders